Saturday, 7 June 2008

Population Geography

Much happens on wednesdays. 7 May; Seminar about our Research Proposals - 14 May; Network meeting @ Södertörn; and now 28 May a Seminar with population geographers about migration studies and methodology. Also this seminar took place in Stockholm: at the Human Geography institute at campus Frescati. It was a nice day, so I decided to walk the 6 kilometres from the cityterminal, via Sveavägen and Torgatan to KTH, where I got lost. Walked through some woods and finally somehow ended up right where I wanted to: close to a big map at the beginning of campus Frescati.
The seminar took about two hours, and we were 8 PhD students and lecturers there, from Stockholm, Uppsala and Örebro. It was very good to attend this seminar, as I did some interesting reading about the snowball method when doing qualitative research and trying to find hidden populations. Moreover, I now know how to find the Human Geography institute in Stockholm and my mailaddress is added to the mailing list of a network for population geographers. The attachment of one of the mails I got was an invitation to a 3-day workshop in the field of migration studies, at Umeå University in April 2009. I might just take part in that!