Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Welcome Lucas!

On 30 July 2008, our son Lucas John is borne. A wonderful boy, and we're very happy with him! The holidays have been smooth, mainly staying close or in Örebro waiting for our baby to be borne. We visited small places nearby (Englas skafferi, Askersund, Nora etc.) and watched large sports events (Wimbledon, Euro2008, Roland Garros, and - after Lucas' birth - the Olympics). We have had a lot of friends and family visiting the three of us - the last in the row (oma and mama - or "the oma's") leaving tomorrow.

This is my second week of work after the holidays, and I must admit that I haven't done so much during the 5 summerweeks, nore in my first week at the office. It's all so bombastic - the miracle of a new life!

But in the meantime, CUReS have had a kick-off in Ånnaboda, I have had a meeting with Mats about the coming round of interviews and journeys and I have started studying for the course of Economic Geography in which I will be responsible for a lecture and a seminar in October. For those of you interested, try to find a book called Human Geography, by Paul Knox and Sallie Marston.

More news to come!