Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The final post (?)

As it is now, this is probably the final post on this blog. My period as a PhD student has come to an end, and a new period as a Post Doctoral researcher at Umeå University will start during Spring 2014. I would like to thank you for reading my posts and refer to other interesting websites:

A digital version of my doctoral thesis:
Please scroll down to Filinformation and click on Sammanfattning.

The Lifestyle Migration (LM) Hub:

A blog kept by LM Hub members:

At the moment, we are considering to communicate results of the project at Umeå University through social media. If  this is the case, more information can be found on this blog. In the meantime, I can uncover a preliminary title of the project: Mobilising the rural. Sounds interesting!

So, what has happened since the latest post?
During summer, I have been writing and editing the manuscript with a deadline on 16 September 2013. After some two weeks of final editing, the manuscript was accepted for print. On 8 November 2013, I defended the thesis in public, which was very exciting!

During November, December and January (2014) I did some lecturing. Everything was basically the same, except that I was now called "Universitetsadjunkt" instead of "Doktorand" :) I also looked for job opportunities and was lucky enough to find a job in Umeå.

On 8 February, the annual ceremony of Örebro University took place, in which new Doctors received their award, followed by a banquet.

The coming month of March will see some more lecturing in Human Geography at Örebro University, before my transfer to Umeå. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to keep the Media Dossier in the right-hand menu up to date. But I hope to be able to follow the news on Dutch lifestyle migrants in Rural Sweden, as appeared yesterday in one of Sweden's largest newspapers and on Swedish radio:

Dagens Nyheter:
Sveriges Radio:

Let's keep up the good work!