Friday, 21 December 2012

Approaching the final year

Now that Christmas is so near (and it's really quiet at work) - I should be heading home soon. There is, however, some time left for a cup of tea and rounding up the autumn term. So, what has happened the past few months?

Well, the second article has undergone minor revisions and is submitted to a journal about a week ago. The third article has been revised and resubmitted halfway into November. The fourth article is sent for review together with the other chapters (by other authors) to be combined into an anthology on "Place and Identity".

We have moved to Forumhuset at Örebro University and two of us who started their PhD studies in september 2007 have finalised their project: November set the scene for Sanna's and Marcus' Dissertation parties. Moreover, Peter has had his final seminar and will be defending his Dissertation in April. Also, the organisation of CUReS is being revised and next year will bring some changes: from an institutionalised research centre, we will become a more loosely organised network.

Next year will probably also bring a trip to Los Angeles, where the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers will be held. Some weeks later, in May, I'm supposed to have my Kappa finished for a final seminar. So, that's what I should start with right after the Christmas break: writing a Kappa (synthesis)!

But first, Merry Christmas and a Mobile New Year!