Monday, 12 November 2007

Excursion Bergslagen

On Tuesday 23 October, it was time for my first meeting with the possible research area. We (C & me) started by changing the car tyres to spike tyres. After that, and a free coffee at McDonalds to kill the time, we drove towards Nora. We passed Nora after about half an hour and arrived at Måltidens hus around 10.45 am. This was after 75 km. Only one km later, we arrived in Grythyttan “centre”, where we wanted to take a coffee. Gästgiveriet was really nice, but also expensive, so we went to Neerings.

It was really hard not to show my Dutch background there, as there were so many typically Dutch things: Haagse Hopjes, Calvé pindakaas, hagelslag, speculaas and so on. We took a coffee and a tea there and just sat wondering how this choclad and ice boutique worked. We saw both Mr and Mrs Neerings, and we were listening to the Swedish of the other employees. Two women, of which one spoke well Swedish and the other had an accent. She probably wasn’t from Sweden, but probably neither from Holland. Interesting! Two schoolgirls came to the boutique and wanted to make a film, which they would show at the “du behövs” day in week 46 in Hällefors Folkets hus.

Later on, we drove to Hällefors, only 10 km from there, and took a look at Folkets hus. We also walked around and saw kommunhuset, turistbyrån, and Polstjärnan, where placement is located. After an hour we set for Kopparberg. We passed Vildmarkskrogen on the way, and couldn’t not take a look. But they were closed, as the owners were on a holiday. To Holland? The view over the nature reserve was marvellous! We ate lunch at Bredsjö Gård, after about 105 km.

In Kopparberg, we spent an hour in the afternoon. We walked around Tingshuset and I met and spoke to an employee at Kommunhuset. Just casually, he mentioned that I had come to the right place if I wanted to talk about Dutch migrants. After a visit to gammal & antic and walking by the church , we returned to Örebro again. That was the end of the first excursion!

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