Friday, 11 January 2008

A tragedy

Today, it's exactly one month ago since Fuat Deniz, lecturer in Sociology, was brutally murdered in the gym at our campus. This really shook us all, especially the ones that knew him very well. He was a loved and respected friend and colleague to many. Moreover, nothing is known yet as to who could have done it or the motives. Many say political motives lay behind this brutal deed, but the police doesn't want to exclude any possiblity and works hard on the case, with the help of the National Police Service.
Only now, after some weeks of silence and time with friends and relatives at home, people have recovered somewhat. Of course, only now, after all commotion, the biggest shock arrives for Fuats closest friends and relatives. His funerial will be the 22nd of January, in Örebro.

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